Home Use 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Epilator Fical

Home Use 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Epilator Fical
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Home Use 808 Diode Laser Hair Removal


1. This product produces effects by heating the hair roots below the skin.  Melanin in hair and hair roots absorbs light pulses emitted by the product.  The darker the hair is, the more light it absorbs.  This process can stimulate hair to enter a dormant period.   During irradiation, hair will naturally fall off and regeneration will be inhibited.  Hair loss may take 1-3 times.  

2. A good depilation effect cannot be achieved in one step, because only the hair in the growing period will respond to the light depilation process.  

3. During depilation, the hair at the depilation site is usually at different stages of the hair growth cycle respectively.  In order to effectively act on all hairs.  

4. The irradiation process should be repeated every two weeks for the first two months. This product integrates skin rejuvenation function, can moisten the skin and make the skin smooth and elastic. This product integrates the functions of cold compress and hot compress and can be used together to tighten the skin. 

5. This product can replace two kinds of depilation heads during depilation, and replace appropriate depilation heads according to the depilation position


Beauty effect

Whitening skin

 808 laser can generate photothermal effect through melanin in the skin and convert it into heat, thus activating various matrix cells, such as dermal fiber cells, generating new collagen, elastin, and various intercellular matrices, and carrying out tissue reconstruction, exercise and restoration of youthful vitality, thus achieving the effect of whitening skin.

 Light spot

 808 laser can penetrate the damaged skin very smoothly, enter the damaged part, and treat the pigment of the damaged part.  It is mainly aimed at black and brown pigments and stains.  Because of its selectivity, that is to say, it only acts on pigment particles and will not damage normal skin.

 Help skin care products absorb

 The hot compress function of the product can expand local capillaries and promote blood circulation.  Effectively promote the introduction of cosmetic liquid and make skin more tender.

 Firming skin

 After depilation or hot compress, a cold compress can be used to promote capillary contraction.  Can effectively tighten the skin.





Model            Home Laser Hair Removal Instrument

Laser              type diode laser

Laser              Class I

Output wavelength  808nm

Output energy         40J

Power input             100 ~ 120vac/200 ~ 240vac; 50/60HZ

The lifetime of light emission is 1 million times.

Model depilation, cold compress, and hot compress

Frequency              0.8-4HZ