Hot Seller Breast Enhancer Massager

Product Details

Hot Seller Breast Enhancer Massager


Product Application

1. Vibration Breast Massage Machine, it is worked by physical massage, using the principle of movement and dredge. There is build in high-frequency vibration massage ball, repeated stimulate female breast, accelerate blood circulation, active cells regeneration, promote hormone secretion, make the breast to become healthy and resilient, enhance the breast.

2. Healthy and lift up the breast, hot seller breast enhancer massager makes the breasts become more firm, rounded and sexy.

3. Promote absorption of breast beauty creams. Help breast absorbs nutrition and improves blood circulation. Hot seller breast enhancer massager effectively enhance the breast tissue, dredge breast duct, and prevent breast disease effectively, also can prevent sagging breasts, relaxation breasts, and breast deformation


1. Micro-computer control system, LCD display, easy to operate.

2.3V batteries, safety power.

3. Hot seller breast enhancer massager has the function of quiet working; let your far away noise.

4. Ergonomically design according to a person’s shape, comfortable and beautiful.

5. Battery capacity display on a device