Velashape Vacuum Machine body slimming

Product Details


working principle

4-MAX has RF radio head, vacuum negative pressure head, 40K fat head, vacuum eye pen, and other 4 slimming probes. It uses non-invasive fat-dissolving technology to introduce effective lipolysis substances into the subcutaneous fat layer through the instrument. The subcutaneous adipose tissue and microcirculation system effectively avoid damage to nerves, blood vessels, and fascia, making the skin look smoother and firmer, reducing the side effects of traditional liposuction to zero. And broke through the areas that traditional liposuction surgery can not reach: face, forearm, upper abdomen, knee, irregular area, and slack. The excess fat of the human body is made from crushed fat to fat, and then to liposuction and fat transfer, and a comprehensive fat-reducing process is carried out to achieve the effect of shaping and slimming.


Product advantages

1. No side effects;

2. No need to diet, exercise and efficacy;

3. Simple operation, no training required; operation video will be provided;

4. Apply to any skin type, but do not use it on damaged skin;

5. The weight loss effect is very obvious; generally the first course of treatment will be effective, and the effect will be better after multiple courses.

Scope of application

1. Body weight loss molding;

2. The skin of the whole body is firm;

3. The face is lifted and tightened, wrinkled, and the double chin is thin;

4. Eye massage, eye bags;

5. Eliminate cellulite.