Why would I need ultrasound cavitation?
   Despite our very best efforts, virtually all of us have areas on our bodies where the fat is persistently stubborn and hard to remove. Whilst a healthy diet and exercise are effective for general weight loss and health benefits (and encouraged by us) “spot fat reduction” using exercise and diet is, unfortunately, a myth. With all of the will in the world, we have zero ability to consciously determine where the fat we lose comes from. The areas of fats utilised by the body are influenced by several factors including age, sex, duration of fat establishment and genetics. A common complaint from ladies for example is that when they lose weight from their problem areas such as their stomach or thighs, they lose a cup size from their breasts. Ultrasound Cavitation is the first non-invasive procedure which allows us to target specific areas for spot fat reduction. By weakening and breaking the fat cell walls in a specific area we mobilise the fats from within which the body will then utilise as energy, thus bypassing the body’s own selection process.

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