Vacuum Cellulite Reduction Machine

Product Details

V5pro combines HIFU, RF, 40kHZ ultrasonic sounding, BIO micro current, vacuum negative pressure, Infrared LED technology and other multi-functional comprehensive instruments, can achieve body shaping, tightening and lifting the skin 



1. Painless treatment, focusing RF energy in the right place, compared to other RF technologies. Use low energy and high frequency, safe and effective;

2. For the surface and depth of the skin, use complex methods to control the skin's different currents and energy, directly into different skin layers, and the effect is visible;

3. Selectively target adipose tissue, avoid heating other fats, and achieve the fastest treatment effect;

4.Using the most useful 40KHZ ultrasonic cavitation system;

5.Color touch screen;


1.Reduce cellulite, remove fat and lose weight.

2. Tighten the skin, tighten the face and remove wrinkles.

3. Improve metabolism and blood circulation.



Product nameV5pro
Power 160W

Operating Voltage


Voltage 220V
Package size52*46*28cm
Operation handle3 pcs
Package weight 22kg