Vacuum Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

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Vacuum Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine

Over the years, there have been few ways to cut extra parts of body fat, such as liposuction, melting fat, strong sound waves by blasting fat method, RF method of melting fat, frozen fat-dissolving fat dissolution method and the latest technology and heating instead of New, more effective than other non-invasive methods. A revolutionary new concept of melting fat. The use has proven to be a major victory in losing weight in the war.

For those who eat and exercise regularly, but still do not get rid of some obesity, frozen melt fat is a godsend. Fat peroxide is also a small part of the heavier part, such as the love muscle (loose fat above the waist on both sides of the waist), abdominal and back belly fat, the freezing effect of melting fat is dumbfounded.

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Working Theory

Vacuum cryolipolysis slimming machine is of high quality and has excellent design.

The use of fatty acids and three specific glycerols will be converted to solids at low temperatures, through non-invasive emission wave propagation, specifying precise control of low temperature melting of fat sites and elimination of fat cells. After cooling the fat cells, the purification process begins with natural decomposition, and the fat becomes thinner. Through the normal metabolic process, the fat layer is gradually reduced to achieve the purpose of partially melting fat.

Using a strong sound frequent collection to inject 40,000HZ strong waves, speed vibration of fat cells, fat cells produce countless, strong air is fat cells, so that the fat cells that produce inward blasting triglycerides are decomposed into glycerol and fatty acids, independent of RF frequency. MHZ, deeply treats skin, heats oxygen and nutrients, enhances cell function, improves blood and lymph circulation, activates metabolism, eliminates and softens cells, reduces body weight, and achieves organizational goals.


RF uses the epidermal balance at room temperature, and radiofrequency waves as a nuclear technology to generate heat into deep skin. Based on the comfortable and harmless measurement of skin, vacuum cryolipolysis slimming machine uses radiofrequency waves to generate heat exchange, accurately reaching the deep layers of the skin, stimulating internal ion, colloidal particles, and electricity. Forced to move quickly, vibrate or wear, and then generate heat. At the same time, it heats the collagenous tissue of the dermis layer under the action of polarized molecular resonance. When the deep collagen tissue is heated to 45 ° C -60 ° C, it will naturally produce an instant contraction, stimulate the discharge of a large amount of new collagen to supplement the space of shrinking or losing collagen and array them, reconstruct the soft support of the skin, Finally tighten the skin, remove wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and shine


Main products include mainframe and accessories (40Kcavitation, Lipolaser RF1 and cryo 2)



Technical Parameter 

Voltage: AC110V/220V 50-60Hz

Power:< 400w

Temperature: -14 °C~14°C

Pressure output : 0-900Kpa

Handle working size: 5.5*14cm

Screen :8.4 inch touch screen

Lipo laser:635nm-650nm

Cavitation frequency :40Khz 

Net weight: 20KG

Gross weight:28KG